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sitting here

根据你的题目 错在sitting can是情态动词,后面跟的动词应该用原形,所以应该用sit的原型。 所以句子应该是:Can I sit here?

my sitting 我坐 拼音 双语对照 双语例句 1 I like the sofa in my sitting room. 我喜欢在起居室的沙发。 2 Do you mind my sitting at the back of the classroom? 我坐在教室后面您不介意吧?

lemon tree

I'm sitting here in the boring room It's just another rainy sunday afternoon I'm wasting my time I've got nothing to do I'm hanging around, I'...

loneliness---babyface Im sitting here 我做在这里 Thinking bout 想着 How im gon-na do without 我该怎么过没有你的日子 You around, in my life, and how am I 你在我生命中徘徊~我不知所措 I gon' get by 我每天过着 I ain't got no days J...

D 试题分析:Yes, do please是的,请吧; No, you can’t不,你不能;Yes, please sit here 是的,请坐在这儿吧;No, of course not.不,当然不了。根据上文,你介意我坐在这儿吗?可知选D最符合语境。

中文名称 Sitting Down Here 所属专辑 Playing My Game 发行时间 1999年3月 歌曲原唱 Lene Marlin( 琳恩·玛莲) Sitting Down Here 我就坐在这里 Your words cut rather deeply你的话真的很伤人 They're just some other lies 这些话只不过是谎...

首先这个地方需要的是个名词,所以必须要用sit的动名词形式sitting,其次,这也是习惯上的说法,no sitting here, no smoking here,no gambling here等等

Been sitting thinking bout you And I am wondering why were not getting along So frustrated cause what we had was a happy home I don't know what the situation is But I could tell in the way we kiss We don't talk no more it feels...

亲,这句话是对的经常在口语中出现。意思是:你正在这间无聊的房间里坐着。 请采纳!

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